We were on a Mission

This Saturday wedding season was in the air! As we drove to the ceremony of Michelle and Farid at the San Fernando Mission, we saw gas stations upon gas stations filled with limos fueling up for the busy day ahead of them. This was the first time that we filmed a wedding inside a Mission. The inside of was extremely ornate with stunning gold trim and historic paintings. Kelsey and I have toured most of the missions along the El Camino Real in California, but Kelsey has had especially close contact with them while she worked with Huell Howser to film his mission series.
Farid and Michelle were very lucky to have the grounds all to themselves and their family and friends. Just across the way in the free park at the mission, about 10 different groups of weddings and quinceaneras were lining up for poses in the roses. When the ceremony ended and it was time to take pictures, however, we had it all to ourselves and the photographers, who did a great job and had a wonderful time with us taking cool poses. After a rest for everyone, the party moved on to the Odyssey Restaurant in Granda Hills where you could see the mission from above. What a great time!

A Powerful Love Story

On May 5th we were honored to not only film, but participate in Tricia and Randy’s wedding. CL Films has known Tricia for sometime now, filming various events for her throughout the years. Not only had Tricia asked us to film her wedding, but she also acquisitioned us to create her and Randy’s Love Story. CL Films set out to do what it does best and the results produced not a dry eye in the room- but that of course is the result when a couple are in love. See for yourself in the following clip…..