Tony and Michelle 5-17-2008

Their wedding blog

She said:

Charles Lauren Films: We decided that we definitely did want our day to be captured on film. Normally I would turn to my own brother for a project such as this, since filming and editing is something he does in his "spare time," but since he is in my wedding party I need him in front of the camera, not behind. So, thus began the frustrating quest to find someone who could capture the day in a beautiful way without the NEED to resort to fancy tricks of editing to make the film worthwhile to watch. Anyone can learn to add fancy special effects, but you need a good product to begin with. We were having trouble finding someone with an artistic eye...well, one that didn't want to charge a fortune, anyways. We hadn't planned on spending much for vidoegraphy; but after seeing what was out there, we decided to spend just a bit more in order to get a good product. Again, Tony and I both fell in love with this vendor! It is a team of Charles and his wife. Tony and I really liked their website demo AND their prices; and after meeting with the both of them and getting to see an actual finished! We were ready to sign about 5 minutes into the movie!!! Their films are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Yes, they do have effects added in editing...but they aren't the "cheesy" fades of the past. THIS is some beautiful stuff! And, like I mentioned before, they do their filming in an artistic way, so the movie is just beautiful throughout. Yes, movie. This isn't just a video capture of the feels like you are watching a feature film. We are excited to be working with them.


A Dance Under the Sky

Chip and Gina pulled out all the stops- beginning their first dance under the skies of San Juan Capistrano at the famous El Adobe Restaurant. Registered as a California State Historical Landmark, it was built in 1797. The former President, Richard Nixon enjoyed meals prepared for him during his administration by an El Adobe Chef and when it first opened as a restaurant it was for a wedding reception for a general at Camp Pendleton. All and all the El Adobe has a historic tradition and is even said to be haunted by a ghost now and then. Perhaps it's Tricky Dick wanting some of their great salsa and chips?

Train Tracks, Bridal Party and Friends

This is clip from a photo session transition from the ceremony of Gina and Chip to their reception venue at the El Adobe. So here's to train tracks, bridal parties and friends...

Bitter Sweet Toasts

When Mark and Tiffany decided to have their recessional be to the song "Bittersweet Symphony" we thought it was only fitting to create this...

Tiffany and Mark

Many people have talked to us about the great poses in this video, and we can thank the much beloved photographer Jasmine Star for making the love of this couple and the fun of their bridal party stand out!


Wedding Paperwork

This was a great one. Philip and Michele were jazzed about Charles Lauren Films from the much that they put us on their wedding blog. So we can only return the favor! Here is an excerpt from their ceremony that really can be taken to heart.

A Japanese Garden Wedding

This is one of the many weddings we have done at the Japanese Gardens. It's an awesome place to shoot at! We are their official wedding videography vendors, so we are at the gardens quite a lot- but we never get tired of it. There is always something exciting going on and as an alumni of the University from the Film program it's always exciting to go back to where we began.

If you are having your wedding at the Japanese Gardens at Cal State Long Beach and would like to see more samples of our work done there- please contact us on the phone at 888-544-3399 or email us at and we'd be happy to show you more of this wonderful location and the awesome weddings that have taken place there!

But for now please enjoy the following clip...

Shutter's On the Beach


Joanne and Andrew's Preview

Okay, Okay. I know. I can't get enough of Hans Zimmer. This highlight reel is edited to music from the motion picture The Island. And I've been editing to this song since The Island first came out- it's nothing new. We had this song pegged way before any of the commercials/trailers/etc. had decided to use this music as their flagship theme. Of course because it's so awesome- so we hope you don't mind another dose of one of our favorite composers!

Anyway, enough rambling! We were fortunate enough to work with Ira Lippke on Joanne and Andrew's wedding. As some of you might know- he is one amazing photographer, his work is in countless magazines and the like. We added some of his photos in this "Preview" because it was a nice little touch to this amazing couples day- and they requested it. We usually don't add the photographers work in our videos- just because video is about moving images and you have your photographer to do their work and we are the videographer to do our work- and we compliment each other, but aren't the same thing. Your amazing photos are for your wall and albums to be shared and then your video is for an awesome party with friends, a moving reminder of your day on your anniversary and etc. But when it's Ira- we can't complain- take a look and see what you think...

A Life Story

As you may remember back in October we had the privileged of making Ray and Sonja a love story for their wedding day. That was a great day.

Unfortunately, this past January Sonja's father passed away. Leaving three children, a wife and many friends. We were asked by the family to make a "life story" video to be shown at his funeral. When we made this video Maurice had less than a week to live. Yet the family was still upbeat and able to recount the memories they had of him and who he was.

This is a short clip- the entire video is 30 minutes in length... but hopefully it will give you taste of who he was and the legacy he has left behind as Lord and Master. ;-)

Jack Sparrow in the Phone

Well what can be said when Jack Sparrow calls? Not much... just watch the clip and you'll understand.