Jammin' Kid

This cute child had some serious dance training before this wedding! He was fun to work with all day, and may times said, "Get that camera out of my face!"

Wedding Toast: The 9 Ways to Treat your Spouse/Husband like a Dog!

This is a classic toast that any Maid of Honor can use at their next wedding! Since we all treat our pets better than our spouses, we might as well treat them like a dog!


Vote for Children's Hospital Los Angeles!

Tricia, whom we filmed her and Randy's wedding back in 2007 has asked for our help. She is an awesome nurse and alerted us to this great cause. The Children's Hospital of LA needs votes so it can get a free new childrens fun center. If you go to the site Starlight Children's Foundation you can vote for CHLA! As you might notice they are the only one in the west coast- so why not vote local! We know what an amazing job CHLA does, now we just have to show them how much we care. In these economic times it makes perfect sense! So if you can spend a little bit of time to cast your vote Charles Lauren Films appreciates it and we are sure the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles does too! Thanks!!! ;-)


Incredible Opening Sequence

I wanted to share this opening sequence that we made for a Greek Orthodox wedding. I think it is very emotional and brought a tear to my eye while I was editing it!

Really good and authentic Greek Dance

This is part of Aspasia and Petro's wedding - his brother really knows how to dance!


A Joke About Marriage

Check out this funny father tell a joke about married couples and St. Peter at the gates of heaven!

Big Man Morning

Join Wayland and the Gang as they get ready at 7:00 am, drink coffee, listen to 80s music, decorate his pad for a Tea Ceremony and prepare for the journey to Jennifer's house, where he and his boys will be tested. Prepare to discover if he is truly worthy of her love!


Los Coyotes Reception Highlights

For this wedding, they just hired us to capture the reception. They had their ceremony at the Wayfarers Chapel which has strict policies against videography. We arrived at the Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park and set off for some fun!

Laguna Photos and Reception Room

Here is a piece from a video we did at the Hotel Laguna. It shows the bridal party's walk around the town, their pictures by the ocean and some setup shots in the room. It was a great overcast day out, and reminded the bride of her home in New Zealand!

The Los Angeles Alps

After the great storm we had yesterday we went outside and saw that there was a huge blanket of snow in the high mountains around LA! This makes it look really nice here!


A Very Happy Telephone Call!

One of our incredible incredible awesome brides called us when they got their video and left us this great message. She talks about how her video was the most touching and priceless thing that they took away from the wedding! That is what we like to hear!


Imagining the 10th Dimension

We actually are working on weddings, tons in fact and will have a round of awesome clips to show you pretty soon. Here is a video I was thinking about posting for a while, I saw this a long time ago and it is a very cool way of thinking about dimensions, time warps and string theory, that kind of thing! It was made to go along with a book.


The Car to Power the Next 100 Years

Hydrogen. The most abundant element in the universe. So it's no surprise that we should be using it to fuel our futures. Meet the Honda FCX Clarity. Don't worry brides to be, you haven't stepped into a car dealership. No quite different, you've stepped into common sense. Hydrogen fuel cell technology. Now in our ever changing economy, I still wonder why our government wants to bail out companies like GM, Chrysler, etc. They should be focusing their efforts on spending money that won't bail out companies from their gas troubled combustion engines, but fund companies who provide answers to the future. Okay, I know. GM tries to use ethanol, but burning food resources to fuel your car isn't the greatest idea yet either. And I know the only fuel station for hydrogen is in Santa Monica right now. The thing is... demand increases supply. Until we start demanding Hydrogen cars, we will never be supplied. I know it also takes a lot of effort to harness hydrogen. But, remind me- how much effort do we spend digging for oil and we still do it? The point is we've found it. A car that has a serious emission benefit, H2O.



It's Snowing on Martha's Vineyard

I like to see how the weather is in other parts of the country, since there is no weather here in LA. It appears to be snowing a lot this winter in Cape Cod, here is a picture from the webcam this morning!

In Commemoration of TED in Long Beach

Here is the original Shift Happens, this one came out before the one I posted last month!

For those of you who don't know what the T.E.D. Conference is, you should definitely subscribe to the podcast of videos, it has all of the presenters from this week and the past years, they all have many varied and amazing ideas!

We Tell Stories in Trouble

One of the community arts groups that we work with a lot is We Tell Stories. They have been cut out from $150,000 that they usually get doing education with the Los Angeles School District and are in desperate need of money to carry them to next year where they have some projects that will begin that will get their income up enough to pay for their staff.  If you could help them out I know they would appreciate it, they are very worried. 

100 Years of a Hemet Presbyterian Church

This is a very cool 15 minute video that we finished during the Super Bowl for the 100th Anniversary Celebration that the First Presbyterian Church of Hemet is having this weekend. It started in December 1908 when Hemet was just beginning as a town. We talked to the historian at the church, the choir members, current and past pastors and church members. The high point of the church was in the 1970s when they built a very large and modern church in place of the old church. They are having a harder time than they used to now that everyone in Hemet is getting foreclosed on and people are moving away like crazy. There are less people and more social problems to deal with. Watch it during your lunch break! 


A Wonderful Thank You Letter!

We are always very anxious to know how our clients like our videos after we deliver them, that is part of the fun! Some people hold out on us and don't call....because they are writing a super thank you card! We are always proud when we are able to create emotion and do a good job :-)