10.1.09 // Annie + Josh // Palm Springs

Again we were off to Palm Springs to film the wedding of Annie + Josh! We loved the laid back atmosphere, the guests with their excitement for the newlywed couple, and the pure beauty of a very amazing desert. The Korakia Pensione is a great place for a wedding or honeymoon!

These factors all made October 1st a great way to start the month off right! Annie was beautiful and Josh was looking really sexy - thanks for the great night!

A Wedding // Korakia Pensione // Palm Springs from Charles + Lauren Films on Vimeo.


Kathy + Kenny // First Taiwanese + Cal Tech Highlights

This is a highlight reel from Kenny + Kathy's wedding on June 13, 2009! They were a pleasure to to work with, but most of all we were impressed with their faith and love for each other and God. We always love to do weddings at a couple's own church, it is really special!


Gina + Patrick's Engagement Session

We love Gina and Patrick!! 

These are pictures from Gina + Patrick's engagement shoot! We will be photographing their wedding on New Year's Eve at the Summit House in Fullerton. It will be an awesome night since it is the countdown to a new year and our bride and groom will be ringing it in with us their guests!

Their engagement was taken in San Clemente, a favorite haunt of Patrick's for surfing. He goes everywhere on the planet to surf, but San Clemente is where he pretty much grew up surfing.

Gina looks stellar and so beautiful!

They both make a superlative coupe and didn't mind getting their feet and pants wet! You will see!

They rock and we will keep everyone posted!

Click on the picture to watch a slideshow of their engagement photos!


Alia + Eduardo // The Odyssey

This is the opening from a very loving couple. They had a Catholic ceremony, took lots of pictures and danced all night long at The Odyssey event center in Granada Hills!

Alia + Eduardo // The Odyssey from Charles + Lauren Films on Vimeo.

Thanks Again!


Thank You Note

Lee + Jeffrey // 5.30.09 // La Venta Inn

Lee + Jeffrey // 5.30.09 // La Venta Inn from Charles + Lauren Films on Vimeo.

Lee and Jeffrey were an awesome couple to work with. It was an inspiring wedding with a great emphasis on traditions, but also having just a really fun time. It is always great to see two people who really love each other tie the knot! 

Melika + Rick // 9.12.09 // The LA InterContinental Hotel

Melika + Rick // 9.12.09 // The LA InterContinental Hotel from Charles + Lauren Films on Vimeo.

This was Melika and Rick's amazing evening wedding! We partied with them into the wee hours of the night and enjoyed every minute of it! As the new popular song says "Tonight's going to be a good night" it certainly was for these two awesome people! So, of course we used that song when we edited their highlight reel! Congrats once more! 


Brian Eno!

For the University Art Museum at CSULB, we were able to photograph a great party with Brian Eno! He was here for a new visual art installation at the museum. We love his song "The Big Ship", which was used in a great BMW commercial in 2006. Here are some pictures of him hanging out with Chris Scoates, the museum director!


Elisa + Benjamin // 10.03.09 // Same Day Edit

We had such a good time at this fall harvest themed wedding! There were pumpkins, s'mores, candles and love! Congratulations!

Elisa + Benjamin // 10.03.09 // Same Day Edit from Charles + Lauren Films on Vimeo.