I never saw her in that way...

It took a while for Rodney to notice Julianne...he was busy knowing her as a friend at church. Both from Inglewood, an offhanded comment from a Revered at Ward AME caused Rodney to sit up and see Julianne for the amazing person she is. This is a segment from the beginning of their video. We were able to introduce the location where our Bride was getting dressed while her Groom waxed poetic on the nature of their love.



"Toasts are never long enough they make me calm...." said David while editing this morning.


April 21, 2007 The Wedding of the Century

Hi everyone! Charles Lauren Films just got back from a great weekend of filming the wedding of Melissa and Alex on April 21st. They had an amazing location- Coyote Hills Golf Course, with many greens and waterfalls with bridges- very opportune wedding moments. The Coyote Hills Golf Course has a great outdoor venue for shooting weddings, which is evident in many of the shots you will see in the teaser. The reception followed and the entire event was a blast-

Melissa and Alex may be in Hawaii on their honeymoon, but when they get back they will be excited to see a bit of their magical day here, on our website. I know from personal experience, having just got married- if I would have been able to see my footage 2 days after my wedding, I would've been in tears- so I told David, we need to serve every bride this way, having a teaser, like a trailer for a movie uploaded to our website on Monday morning the 2nd day after the wedding. Everyone knows that we spend a lot of time making wedding videos that people will cherish for years to come- but just being able to see a few beautiful clips of what was said and how you looked a few days after is pricless, not only for the couple- but the families as well- forget the photographer's proofs! (well, just kidding), but all kidding aside, Charles Lauren Films is taking it to the next level and you can expect this kind of dedication if you decide to book your wedding videography with us. Click bellow to see the teaser clip of their wedding--

Watch Alex and Melissa’s “Wedding of the Century”


Just a Reception...

Kelsey and I spent yesterday getting beauty shots of the campus of California State University, Long Beach for a marketing video we are making for the College of the Arts. We also filmed part of a lecture, the symphony rehearsing and a play, Pericles, Prince of Tyre. The lighting was beautiful for the play and it will turn out amazing on HD. Today I thought I would post a highlight reel from a wedding that we did for Rudy and Carolina. It was different from the norm because we only filmed the park and reception. They had their wedding at the Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes and reception at The Reef in Long Beach. Our friend Marc Gold has a contract with the Chapel to do most of the multi-camera ceremony shooting with robotic cameras…so we picked up where he left off and started at the photo session at Malaga Cove and followed them until the end of the night.


Sing Her a Song

Hi, this is David “Charles.” For all of the grooms-to-be out there, I have an idea for you that will sweep your wife off of her feet and win yourself a place in the hearts of your guests for years to come. After you are finished giving a thank you speech, try getting up, grabbing the DJ’s microphone and serenading your wife with a beautiful song. It doesn’t have to be the kind of song you would sing on a gondola. It would be better if it wasn’t Con Te Partiro. Try something alternative and modern, like Nealesh sang to Jyoti at their wedding in January. This wedding was also shot in High Defintion.

Putting the Groom on the Spot

Talk about putting the groom under pressure. People say that during the cake cutting, what the groom decides to do, whether he smashes the cake in his wife’s face or not, is directly correlated to the kind of honeymoon he will have. What his new wife does, however, has no bearing. In this clip from a wedding we did last August, our groom, Dave, is put on the spot like few grooms ever will be. His wife is Mary, but she has an identical twin sister named Ann. The girls’ brother made a slideshow of pictures where it would be impossible for a regular bystander to identify which is which. Watch and see how Mary’s new husband can recognize his new wife while all of their family and friends from Long Beach and England look on. As an aside, Kelsey actually guessed more correct than Dave did while we were editing ☺


"m a s t e r s of
r e f l e c t i o n"

Today I was listening to the National Public Radio (NPR) station in Los Angeles, and they had begun a discussion on the "Ask a Ninja" podcast. Very funny show if you ever happen to catch it on- anyway regardless to say- I'd never heard of it, so I went to "i Tunes" and started watching it. The segment I saw was on Ninja's and their reflections in the mirror. Of course this is a funny show- so he commented on how Ninjas are "masters of reflection" and then went onto many more funny comedies on everyday things. I laughed at how he said that Ninjas were masters of reflection, but then I started thinking and knew it was time to write another blog.

Just as a Ninja is a master of reflection so too are the videographer and the photographer at every wedding. Everything anyone ever sees after the wedding will be directly related to the reflections the photographer and videographer presented in their album books or the finished DVD. So when it comes to choosing a videographer and a photographer a bride needs to make sure that her reflections match that of the videographer and photographer. If their ideas don’t click together and they can’t relate to anything the videographer/photographer are saying or presenting than the brides day won’t be properly captured as a reflection of what she and her groom/family/etc. wanted. Fortunately, most brides have this inner gut feeling on exactly what they want- so sometimes it’s not that complicated. Other times however, since video is a very new medium to this industry- as oppose to say photography- a bride might not be sure exactly what she wants and how to capture that. When a bride and groom come into our studio they sometimes are not sure what to expect, but then we go through the process and show them how we capture the love, emotions and details of their day and then they are “sold” that this is the right reflection they want to remember of their wedding day.

As recently a bride myself, since we couldn’t videotape our own ceremony/reception of course- we went looking for other videographers. I won’t go into it in this blog, but many of the videographers we interviewed did not even remotely compare to the reflections I wanted to remember of my wedding day. I don’t want to put our industry down, but I would say a good 70% of them did not even compare. I couldn’t believe it, a trained videographer (me) searching for another trained videographer, and it was complicated. I can only imagine then what a bride must go through. That is why videographers need to step it up a notch, become real, be professional- when a bride sees you in jeans and a t-shirt and says my studio is being remodeled let’s go to a coffee shop and they can’t get their portable DVD player to work- there is a real problem. And it reflects badly on all of us. Let us not be an incoherent mumble jumble distorted reflection of our industry- but let us all rise up and be masters of our own reflections.


“ t e m p o r a l
d i s t o r t i o n”

One might ask….What gives video its true emotional impact? CLF would answer- Temporal distortion. Although videos emotional impact is not limited to this reason alone, but temporal distortion does play a significant role in the way we view the images we see on the screen. Now what do we mean by this- again this goes back to the theory of wedding/ event videographers as memory keepers that have access to time travel.In our wedding videos we often show the ceremony taking place and then overlay an audio sound file of the best man giving a toast- thus reconfiguring the way the event was presented in real time, lending to a temporal distortion- moving through the dimensions of time however we see fit, to present the event in the best light possible. Go to to learn more on how temporal distortion is the key to filming biographies .
"m a r r i a g e"

Until 3 weeks ago, I had had no personal knowledge of what it takes to be a bride, other than behind the lens. Sure you know how to capture the first dance, getting great push in shots with the steady cam for the emotional first dance that leads the couple into the "forever and a day, say I do club"- I could always convey the emotion that the bride and groom were going through- but to actually feel it, is a whole other story. An awakening of a now tangible memory that will be held to my heart for years to come, as a keepsake and testament to the love we vowed to honor and uphold just hours before... and the great thing about that is, it was all recorded.

As the years fade the image could lessen in purity and my memory could falter- but whatever happens, no matter what, the image will stay pure, the memory will forever be kept, because I did what every bride must do, have it captured on video. Of course I did, I am a wedding videographer- but it only stressed to myself how important our job actually is. Wedding videographers are the memory keepers, that have access to time travel- to take anyone, anywhere they want to go in time. For anyone who says the time machine hasn't been built yet, I laugh at them. CLF has been building it for 5 years- and we keep adding to the archives, event after event.

Storybook 4.15.07, Charles' Log

Kelsey Lauren and David Charles have now officially tied the knot. The wedding videographers have wed themselves. So is married life any different? Yes... Did we have any stresses up to or on the wedding? Yes... Can we edit better films now because we've been in the shoes of our clients? Yes!Stay tuned... for tomorrow Kelsey Lauren (KL) will give you the post bridal play by play- as for David Charles (DC) "I'm just glad it's over so we can get back to doing what we love- filming weddings, not that I didn't love marrying KL, but you know the score. Strangely enough-but true, event after event only gets better. Each wedding we film has a special unique touch, different than the previous and different than the next. Because of this factor- it makes my job, filming weddings, truly something I want to go back to work for, day after day, year after year.

Storybook 4.15.07, Lauren's Log

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