Full on Media Representation

Normally we don't get too obtrusive when filming weddings- but Evan and Elena's wedding was a little exception. They gave us the go ahead to be right next to them when they had their "first look" at each other before their wedding, because they didn't want to miss capturing the once in a lifetime moment on video. David and I were literally 1/2 a foot from failing into the pool at Shutter's on the Beach in Santa Monica and we didn't mind- the close ups show it all and what a first look is all about!

Once Is Never Enough

Usually, I don't post too many movie review comments on our blog, unless they are wedding related- "Did anyone see that amazing movie Father of the Bride?"- just kidding. In all seriousness though, there is a movie that you will fall in love with more than once- and that movie is strangely enough called "Once". While I was watching it I kept telling David that it really looks like it was shot in High Definition, he agreed. We then popped in the behind the scenes and low and behold our High Definition camera we shoot the weddings with, the Sony Z1U was the sole camera for the film! This might not seem so cool, but it's just fun to see our equipment getting time on the big screen. This was a real story and it was shot with a real camera. Sometimes Hollywood forgets that when they shoot their blockbuster films. Not that blockbusters are bad, but it’s good to focus on the real stories. That’s why we do what we do at CL Films, we want to focus on the real stories of people and the special once in a moment events that happen in their lives. You are the real story, you are the movie- let us film you once and capture the love and memories of the greatest moments in your lives. That way they will be replayed…more than once and should be. Go see the film too while you’re at it and see what my HD camera is smiling about.

The Journey Homeward Bound

Misa Hasalikova is perhaps the sweetest and kindest person you will ever meet- unless it’s on a volleyball court opposing her and the LBSU team. While Alexis is off to the Olympics, Misa is homeward bound. She joined the team 2 years ago- coming from the Czech Republic. It was a difficult road to pursue, leaving her family and everything she knew behind to come and play- but when you want to play the best volleyball in the world you come to the beach to do it. The video says it all- watch it and be inspired to take your own journeys in 2008!

The New Year Takes Us to the Olympics in Beijing

We produced this video of volleyball player Alexis Crimes, who will be joining the Woman's USA Volleyball Team in Beijing at the 2008 Olympics. She was the middle blocker for the LBSU Woman’s Volleyball Team and is said to have been one of the best middle blockers in the country. Unfortunately, the team was defeated in the NCAA tournament against USC- but we will never forget what a remarkable and powerful team we had play volleyball at the pyramid and beyond this year. They were the truest representation of LBSU Volleyball and they will be sadly missed. So, with their season being over it was our job once again to commemorate it. Enjoy the following clip and be sure to look and root for Alexis Crimes in Beijing! Go Beach and Go USA!