Love Story

Love Story

Sri Lankan President visits Carpenter Center

What does secret agents, tons of press, and a president have to do with Charles Lauren Films? ....everything! We got to take part in a historic event at California State University Long Beach- where President Alexander of CSULB met the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa! We would post a video clip, but the President being from Sri Lanka happens to speak Sri Lankan so we figured a nice picture would do. This was indeed an honor, I mean how many times can a person come home to their wife and say "Guess what honey? I filmed the Sri Lankan President today?" Not much, unless you are a cameraman or camerawoman on NBC.


Soundtrack to a Wedding Banana Slug Style

As you know songs make everything in a video.... it controls the tempo, the editing style and a whole bunch of other cool things that most people don't tend to think about- unless you're a director/editor.
So we have a few favorite songs that we like to include in videos that just make it well, perfect. Our new favorite song is Newts, Salamanders and Frogs from the band called the Banana Slug String Band. You can hear it on iTunes....if you're interested. Any Banana Slug song I think would be just perfect for the bride getting ready during the pre-ceremony- hey it's the official mascot of UC Santa Cruz so I'm not the only one who is excited about them. In fact- I believe their music will soon be off the billboard charts- it might even make platinum ;-)

The Magic Art Bus of Long Beach

Here is a video we made to salute the Long Beach Transit System for the State of the Arts Luncheon in Long Beach. It was a huge success- mind you when you watch it, it is supposed to be a 60’s theme culture trip through Long Beach highlighting all of the ways Long Beach Transits gets people where they need to go and also showcasing the art instillations from various Long Beach artists at each bus stop. So enjoy!

Laura Richardson Makes Congress

Laura Richardson makes congress and we were there to film it! With the setting of King Drew Medical Center in the background, it was a poignant step forward in making a commitment to the state of health care for the 37th District. Someone might think- hmmm… a defunct hospital to make a statement at, not the greatest image. Yet, it was the only image that resonated in the hundreds of people who where there to watch her take her oath. One of her themes was that health care is a right, not a privilege- and for the people in Compton, Watts, Carson and the like the King Drew Medical Center was a life line and a needed necessity. Now I can’t claim I know what it’s like to grow up in Compton or even beginning to imagine the hardships people face day to day. But, I do know that keeping the amenities with the rich and denying them to poor isn’t really going to help anyone. Public health is everyone’s problem and I think Laura Richardson will make sure everyone knows it