Apparently Minnesota is like Siberia

We are working on Bergt and Wendy's wedding and thought this was a pretty funny clip from the toasts. When Bergt's family moved from Germany to America, the first place they lived was Minnesota. This is what Bergt's father had to say about that....


Happy Birds Taking a Bath in Long Beach

This was for an eco Long Beach video we are in the process of making. This isn't actually a clients video about happy birds in Long Beach! It's basically a blooper reel of the flora and fauna of the city- which a lot of birds are involved in. The song playing is also of no relation, it's about bats not eating people-only bugs and birds not eating people only berries-which is fun all in itself! Enjoy! The eco video will be up on Sunday- stay tunned for it, I feel a film festival coming on! ;-)


Vote for Us! ::please:-)

We found out that we were again nominated for MyFoxLA's Hitlist! oh I mean Hotlist! If anyone who is interested could stop by there and give us a vote, we would really appreciate it! You can also find winners from last year in just about every category of service you need in LA, it helps everyone find the coolest wedding vendors and life services vendors.


A Man and His Love for the Steadicam

As some of you might know we do a lot of sweeping amazing shots that pull in and out and really move the medium of video into the realm of cinematic. Well those shots are accomplished by the use of a stedicam.

Which brings me to closet space. Now this is a rather odd topic since what on earth would a stedicam have to do with my closet space? Nothing really, except I have 5 boxes that have stedicams in them that take up all my closet space- that's what!

Now I know some of my girlfriends complain about closet space and that their guys stuff is taking up too much room- one complaint was my friend's husband seemed to have stored his entire bachelor pad in boxes shoved in the closet. He says you never know when you might need a beer hat again. I think there's a word for that- does public storage ring any bells or maybe even the goodwill?

The epidemic of stedicams really came about when we found out the company that makes them was going out of business. Hence the extra purchase of 5 of them. He already owned 2- and was worried he might never get another chance to have one with the company on the rocks. He even keeps one off sight in case something drastic happened to the equipment. His desire for it is insatiable!

The thing is good solid metal so it wouldn't ever really break or die off and you could probably get someone to reproduce it after seening what one looks like, if you needed another one. But David was scared that because the company was going out of business he might never have another chance to obtain one.

So our unopened stedicams sit waiting patiently in my closet. They sit there waiting for the day that will never come- since the original one hasn't nor probably ever will break. I could be assuming things, but after 5 years of using the it, it's still going strong.

Oh well, does anyone know the number of a contractor who can knock out a wall for me, so I can make a bigger closet?


8-30-08 Same Day Edit

This was the wedding of Ashley and Michael Hontz. We had been awaiting this wedding for some time, since Michael's Mom had called us almost a year ago to book us for the date. She had been at another wedding we filmed and saw our work- and loved it- of course!
Their wedding was held at the Padua Hills Theatre and Dining Room in Claremont- which strangely we had never been to before- except once, which as it turned out, was the week before theirs. Teresa + Matthew's wedding! We will post their same day edit soon. It's a great venue. It is right at the base of the mountains in a wilderness area. Right off of Baseline/Mt. Baldy Road. That was pretty exciting, since it's nestled in an olive grove. It also has some great scenic views of the valley below.
We filmed their wedding two days after we got back from our trip to the east coast (more on that later), so we were nicely rested and pretty much ready to head back into the season of weddings, as always!
Congrats once again to the Hontz and Alten family!

Our Return from Boston

We got back last week from a very fun and educational trip around New England and New York. We will be talking about some of the very interesting stories and places that we saw in the coming weeks. Kelsey and I have had 5 weddings since we got back so we have been tired and not very busy on the posting front! 
In the picture above, we were in a gigantic book store in Boston and happened to come across a reference to Charles Lauren Films on the East Coast, very fun! Love when that happens!