June 21, 2008 Same Day Edit

Anjulynn and Alex's wedding was a great reunion for us with many of our friends. We did her sister's wedding in 2005, so seeing all of the family members again after all these years was amazing. Anjulynn's sister has a new baby and we are still looking for a great girl for her brother! It was one of those classic hot wedding days...high humidity, very thirsty bridal party members, people sweating! 

We were lucky that photo session at Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach even happened since the Long Beach Jazz Festival was happening just to the right. 

Anjulynn and Alex are very creative people who love Hans Zimmer and Star Wars, like us! For her sister's wedding, Anjulynn and her brother (the one with the blue finger nails) made a very unique toast that I will have to post in the next few days.

The vendors were Honored Occasions and Harvard Photography


The Very Personal Nature of a Wedding Video

We love to see our client's reactions to the videos that we make for them. Presenting a video to our brides and grooms is like opening night of a big budget movie that we made and we are sitting in the theater, hoping the crowd laughts and cries at just the right moments.

Unlike many wedding services, where you are doing what you normally do in life, such as deciding what kind of food to order, what color dresses you want or the kind of chairs that go with the look you are creating, when you hire a videography team, you are hiring someone who is going to be thinking about what you like and making something very personal for you.

Kelsey and I put all of our time and effort in life into making custom videos that are uniquely fit for each client. That is why we like to think of our relationship with our clients as someone who is painting your portrait. Our role of creating something huge and specific for you is different than if you were to go to Aaron Brothers and get nice paintings to hang around your reception or put on your tables. It is not a product that we can mass produce or keep in a warehouse. Each time we go to a wedding we are starting from scratch with a complete blank canvass. Our choices of what to film, what questions we should ask, the things we shoud anticipage, the perfect angles are all from our experience and the flow of the day that is unique to each bridal party.

We spend a lot of time looking at the footage and thinking about what each couple would like to see based on what we have talked about, how their day went, the songs that they choose, etc. Most of the fun and satisfaction we get from making wedding videos comes from trying very hard to make something that will amazing the couple and family that we are creating the video for. That is why it feels great when we get to hear back about the results of our work.

We got this email today:

Hi Kelsey & David,

Thank you so much for the video, we watched it yesterday and we were amazed on the outcome.
Both of you definitely have a gift for making wedding day seem like a movie. We are very pleased with the video and hopefully we can use you again for the sake of having another video. We are still in awe on the work that the both of you have done. We cannot thank you enough on the wonderful job the both of you have done. Hopefully we can see each other soon.

Take care

Roque & Marissa

Thank you for the nice words!

Loving What You Do

Brought to you by our favorite priest, Monsignor Lloyd Torgerson of Saint Monica's Parish in Santa Monica. This is one of his great wedding homilies.


Super 8 Film Arrives from the Past

Super 8 Film used to be the only reasonable way for a family to document their lives through a moving camera. Important family moments have been captured using the unique look of this genuine film stock since 1965. You probably have some old Super 8 Films of your grandparents. We in fact shot many of our early films on Super 8 and 16mm film.

Now Charles Lauren Films is offering this amazing and artistic format as another way for our couples to find a way to visually express their love! We can use a mixture of Super 8 within you High Definition Wedding Video, or we can make you an amazing independent video that will wow your friends with a look they may have never seen before in a wedding video!

Call us today to discuss any of your questions on this creative medium.

Watch this short clip for a taste of what Super 8 can look like at your wedding!


Jennifer and Jed's Same Day Edit, May 30, 2008

On Friday we took a drive up to Agoura Hills for all the pre-ceremony excitement of Jennifer and Jed's wedding day, then finally ending up in one of our favorite locations Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. We hooked up with Michael from Getlin Media who was doing a smashing job capturing all the sights in photos for them.

Jed and Jennifer are two people who are simply perfect for each other and value their friends and family more than anything. During the reception there were so many toasts from their loved ones and even a song dedicated to them, sung by their cousin-it was amazing! As entertainment for the night, there was an authentic Chinese musical group serenading the guests through dinner. After that we showed the Love Story that we made for them (see the previous blog post) mixed in with this Same Day Edit. Enjoy!

Jennifer and Jed's Love Story