Lightsaber Battle for a Toast

As I promised, I went back into our archives and got the Lightsaber battle that Anjulynn and her brother did at her sister's wedding! We filmed Alex and Anjulynn's wedding a few weeks ago. You really should watch this clip...

The Importance of Families and Home Movies

The night before her wedding, Randi's father made everyone watch home movies since her birth. They soon discovered the close-knit relationships their family has in San Pedro. Brian, who Randi was marrying, went to pre-school with her and the two fathers had known each other for decades. This shows a little bit of their family history, Randi getting dressed, the ceremony setup and guest arrivals. Brian actually made the wooden archway where they were married. They brought it in their truck early in the morning to the grassy ceremony site. It was a very personal 7-7-07.

July 7, 2007 was Take Your Daughter For A Walk Day

It was one year ago this week that brides all around America went to Las Vegas and any other place they could find to get married. 

Last year on 7-7-07 brides and their fathers all around the county came in droves to take a very special walk down the aisle. It was such a big event it was declared a national holiday, "Fathers Take Your Daughter for a Walk Day," as Randi's father so proudly stated last year on 7-7-07.

Randi's father also had a lot to say about childhood memories and the best way to capture and preserve them forever. You will find this in our next post. Randi and Brian's wedding took place by the sea in San Pedro and the reception was at the Doubletree Hotel in San Pedro. The photographer was one of our good friends Britney Alves from Turn Loose The Art.