Merry Christmas!

This is an excerpt from the Winter Festival Concert, a two hour video we produced for the Department of Music at CSULB. We had a blast filming it- and the President had requested that Charles Lauren Films film it, so we we're pretty thrilled about that too. Please enjoy the following presentation of The Winter Festival Concert by the Department of Music at CSULB.

Marketing Video for the College of the Arts CSULB

This is a marketing video we produced for the College of the Arts at California State University Long Beach. They will be using this video to attract top students from around the nation to come to "The Beach" and also to attract donors to give funding that is desperately needed to the College of the Arts. The College is the largest and most comprehensive publicly supported arts college west of the Mississippi. There are 6 departments in the college, Art, Dance, Design, Film and Electronic Arts, Music and Theater Arts. This video focuses on the College itself and the Department of Music. As the year progresses we will be filming all the other 5 departments and showcasing their talents and tributes as well. Being a fellow Alumni of the Department of Film and Electronic Arts- we were totally psyched to be able to bring notoriety and publicity to our Department and the College of Art as well. So with that, enjoy the following clip and Go Beach!

The Test of Marriage

Last week we had the honor of filming at the Trump National Golf Club at Palos Verdes Peninsula...but before all of the fanfare and partying was to take place, the groom- Stephen- had to pass “the test” back at his bride's house to see if he was worthy enough to marry Yenyao. The following is a video clip of what sort of ordeals he had to go through before he could see Yenyao and take place in the tea ceremony at their home with their families. It is quite amusing how far one man will go for the love of his life…


Public Service Message: Don't Smash the Cake

We have seen a few cake smashing incidents. More commonly, the groom knows that his only chance of a great honeymoon is to keep his bride looking good - a tasteful dollop of frosting on the nose or cheek is acceptable. Also, if you are a guest at a wedding, don't throw cake at the groom because he is your ex. Thank you.

Public Service Message: Save Your Invitation

9 times out of 10 when we are with a bride as she is getting her makeup and hair done, multiple people will call her cell phone asking what time the ceremony is, how you get there, what kind of gift to bring - this is distracting and out of place for a bride and she will start to regret inviting you. Please watch this clip.