6-28-08 Preview

This was a really fun wedding! Julie and Alan's family worked night and day setting up the decorations at the ballroom of the Calamigos Equestrian Center. There were smiles all around and we hope they enjoy their preview!


The Brain In Love

I was watching a video from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), which is a conference held every year with amazing speakers and information. This video has a lot of great facts on why we fall in love, how it happens and why it is so mysterious and wonderful.

To all of our married couples and future couples, enjoy the magic!


8-10-08 Same Day Edit

This was Jerrica and Roger's wedding at the Japanese Gardens at CSULB. They had a lot of fun as you can see and it was just as fun for us filming them! This time it was my (Kelsey's) turn to step up to the editing bench of same day edits. We had a little bit less time than normal, since the event venue closes down pretty much at the stroke of ten- and there was a lot going on to get it to fit within the time schedule. A good 20 minutes versus 45 may seem like a drop in the hat, but in the world of same day edits- believe me I was noticing the clock tick tock!

The Japanese Gardens is a great location for the smaller weddings, when a couple want a bit more intimacy. It can hold about 100 people- so it isn't one of our big 200+ family weddings- which was different too! Locations really define the couple and every experience is always an amazing one. That’s why we love filming weddings- even if it turns out to be a venue we’ve been at one-hundred times, it's always something new. From the waters of the Koi Pond to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion the life of wedding videography is always lovely! ;-)


Thank You Note and Weekend Olympics

We are getting ready for a busy weekend! Weddings on 8-9 and 8-10! Everyone must be in the Olympic spirit!

I hope everyone who can will watch the various video segments on the athlete backgrounds, biographies and place descriptors during the games to get great ideas for love stories and hear of the moment music! That is what I always like to do.

We received a beautiful thank you note from one of our recent weddings. They were an amazing couple to work with!


Jennifer and Jeremy's Preview 8-02-08

Here is a Preview/Highlight Reel of this last Saturday's wedding. Jennifer and Jeremy have an amazing family and group of friends. This wedding was different because all of the reception and dancing took place in the daylight under an atrium at the Sheraton Pasadena. This gave a lot of room and light for steadicam shots during the formal dances.

The church had great meaning for the families as well because Jennifer's parents were married in the same church! The photo session with the great backgrounds took place at Caltech.