Putting the Groom on the Spot

Talk about putting the groom under pressure. People say that during the cake cutting, what the groom decides to do, whether he smashes the cake in his wife’s face or not, is directly correlated to the kind of honeymoon he will have. What his new wife does, however, has no bearing. In this clip from a wedding we did last August, our groom, Dave, is put on the spot like few grooms ever will be. His wife is Mary, but she has an identical twin sister named Ann. The girls’ brother made a slideshow of pictures where it would be impossible for a regular bystander to identify which is which. Watch and see how Mary’s new husband can recognize his new wife while all of their family and friends from Long Beach and England look on. As an aside, Kelsey actually guessed more correct than Dave did while we were editing ☺

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