Squirrels and Squirrels....

Moving to Santa Monica has been a interesting experience. As some of you might know- there was a news segment on the squirrel population and how it was running out of control in the city of Santa Monica. Although our neighbors have had their trials with the squirrels- I find them fascinating! Coming from a suburban "un-nature life" it's a treat to see, well anything that resembles wildlife in this world.

We have installed a "squirrel log" and a squirrel "feeder". Don't worry- we've read up on the mal-nutritions of squirrels and how you have to be careful what you feed them. So, while our neighbors are complaining that the squirrels eat their berries and the City of Santa Monica is exterminating them- I feel the least we can do is enjoy them while we can, and snap a few cute pictures in the process. I've told David we need to install "Squirrel Cams" on each tree and provide a live feed on our website-- he hasn't gotten back to me yet... I wonder why?

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