Laura Richardson Makes Congress

Laura Richardson makes congress and we were there to film it! With the setting of King Drew Medical Center in the background, it was a poignant step forward in making a commitment to the state of health care for the 37th District. Someone might think- hmmm… a defunct hospital to make a statement at, not the greatest image. Yet, it was the only image that resonated in the hundreds of people who where there to watch her take her oath. One of her themes was that health care is a right, not a privilege- and for the people in Compton, Watts, Carson and the like the King Drew Medical Center was a life line and a needed necessity. Now I can’t claim I know what it’s like to grow up in Compton or even beginning to imagine the hardships people face day to day. But, I do know that keeping the amenities with the rich and denying them to poor isn’t really going to help anyone. Public health is everyone’s problem and I think Laura Richardson will make sure everyone knows it

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