Bob Foster's Funny Eye Jokes

Last month we filmed the Nuestra Imagen Awards for the Long Beach Community Hispanic Association. This is their 11th year and we have been with them almost from the beginning. This is a fundraising dinner to get grants and scholarships for the Latino Youth. They get internships, education and jobs while in high school and most move on to college. Even though there is a large board, the Executive Director Jessica Quintana and Lupe Velasco pretty much run the entire organization. Every time we stop by to drop things off or pick up pictures for slideshows, there is nothing but a flurry of kids, calls, confused citizens, kind of like our office.

This clip is from the event, Mayor Bob Foster had to leave early because of his eye problems that precluded him from reading our cue cards on a shoot earlier in September. Hopefully he is all back to normal now and can use our telepromter to its fullest potential! Bob Foster is a really funny guy and has gone along with lots of crazy projects that we have done with him. I will post some of those in the future.

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