Merry Christmas!

This is an excerpt from the Winter Festival Concert, a two hour video we produced for the Department of Music at CSULB. We had a blast filming it- and the President had requested that Charles Lauren Films film it, so we we're pretty thrilled about that too. Please enjoy the following presentation of The Winter Festival Concert by the Department of Music at CSULB.


  1. I was one of the performers in the show, with the 49er Choir, and I can't thank Kelsey and David enough for such an amazing video. My parents don't live in Long Beach, so unfortunately they weren't able to make it to the show. But, thanks to Charles Lauren Films they were able to see it with a DVD. They said it was just like being there- I thought so too- so thanks Charles Lauren Films you made my Christmas!

  2. I just want to say straight out-thank you, thank you- Charles Lauren Films! I got the DVD of our performances and I love it! I can't wait until next year, I think I'll work on trying to get a solo so I can have such great shots of me signing too, like you did with all the other soloists. We will see if I'm good enough- but anyway, you guys rock! GO BEACH 4EVER!

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