Joanne and Andrew's Preview

Okay, Okay. I know. I can't get enough of Hans Zimmer. This highlight reel is edited to music from the motion picture The Island. And I've been editing to this song since The Island first came out- it's nothing new. We had this song pegged way before any of the commercials/trailers/etc. had decided to use this music as their flagship theme. Of course because it's so awesome- so we hope you don't mind another dose of one of our favorite composers!

Anyway, enough rambling! We were fortunate enough to work with Ira Lippke on Joanne and Andrew's wedding. As some of you might know- he is one amazing photographer, his work is in countless magazines and the like. We added some of his photos in this "Preview" because it was a nice little touch to this amazing couples day- and they requested it. We usually don't add the photographers work in our videos- just because video is about moving images and you have your photographer to do their work and we are the videographer to do our work- and we compliment each other, but aren't the same thing. Your amazing photos are for your wall and albums to be shared and then your video is for an awesome party with friends, a moving reminder of your day on your anniversary and etc. But when it's Ira- we can't complain- take a look and see what you think...

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