Insight into Andy Warhol

This is a little off-topic from weddings but was part of a project we did for the Univeristy Art Museum at Cal State Long Beach. They have an exhibition called Warhol: 15 min/24 fps

Dr. Karen Kleinfelder, who is a professor and Head of the Art History Program at CSULB is giving this talk in the gallery. I think it is interesting to watch this because it relates to the philosophy and effects of capturing portraits of people. There are many layers of a person in one picture, there is the fantasy image, the image you want to portray, the image the photographer wants to portray and sees, the way you really look and the way the viewer perceives things. It talks about post-modern identity, identity politics, engagement and representation. 

Andy Warhol is famous for his silk screened paintings, but in this video we are talking about the second half of his life, his polaroid portraits. Polaroid went out of business last year, but it started the possibility of taking photos of people and quickly seeing them at a party, like the popular photo booths now prevalent at many weddings. When polaroid cameras were brought on the scene in the 60s, the camera became a guest, just like video and photography do at weddings today. 

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