The Car to Power the Next 100 Years

Hydrogen. The most abundant element in the universe. So it's no surprise that we should be using it to fuel our futures. Meet the Honda FCX Clarity. Don't worry brides to be, you haven't stepped into a car dealership. No quite different, you've stepped into common sense. Hydrogen fuel cell technology. Now in our ever changing economy, I still wonder why our government wants to bail out companies like GM, Chrysler, etc. They should be focusing their efforts on spending money that won't bail out companies from their gas troubled combustion engines, but fund companies who provide answers to the future. Okay, I know. GM tries to use ethanol, but burning food resources to fuel your car isn't the greatest idea yet either. And I know the only fuel station for hydrogen is in Santa Monica right now. The thing is... demand increases supply. Until we start demanding Hydrogen cars, we will never be supplied. I know it also takes a lot of effort to harness hydrogen. But, remind me- how much effort do we spend digging for oil and we still do it? The point is we've found it. A car that has a serious emission benefit, H2O.


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