Voting Begins!! My Foxla's Hot List of Best Wedding Videographers

We've done it again!! We are up for contention as BEST WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER in Los Angeles!!! Last year we were #3, this year we plan to be #1, with your help of course!!! So if you see our work and love it, drop us a vote! If you are a past client, I don't need to tell you what you should be doing right now! ;-) The voting continues until November 6th- so there is plenty of time for you to vote and then tell everyone you know that they should vote for us as well, since of course we are the best! If we win there will be a party like it's 2009!! So there's you bribe.. opps I mean incentive! The best incentive however, is our work. Everyone knows Charles Lauren Films is full of passion and perfection, artistry and expertise- so go vote for the best! Click Here to be sent to the polls to vote for US! Our rank right now is below.... so help us move it up! Thanks in advance for making us #1!

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