Elisa + Benjamin // 10.03.09 // Same Day Edit

We had such a good time at this fall harvest themed wedding! There were pumpkins, s'mores, candles and love! Congratulations!

Elisa + Benjamin // 10.03.09 // Same Day Edit from Charles + Lauren Films on Vimeo.


  1. David,

    This highlight video is one of the most amazing videos I've seen. I can't wait to see the full video. You were so professional and creative. Your talent and passion has created a memory of our special day like no other.

    We received many complements from our guest to the your ability to be hidden yet everywhere. How do you do it?? I have already had many people ask about your services and I know you will be successful for years to come.

    I look forward to having many more of your videos in our library of future events we truly want captured in a magical video.

    Benjamin and Elisa Buchanan

  2. Wow!that was beautiful I was smiling through watching the entire video. Excellent job.